Welcome to the home page of Fuzz-n-Buzz.com. Below you will find links to various galleries of my artwork. If you find something that you like, please drop us an e-mail to see what we can do for you. Have fun looking around and keep an eye open for my friends Fuzz and Buzz, you never know just where they will pop up.

In this gallery, you will find a collection of wedding paintings that have been used to commemorate the couple's special day and to preserve messages from the guests. These paintings offer a unique alternative to the traditional guest book. They also serve as a great conversation piece for years to come. These paintings can be customized to the bride's and groom's particular hobbies and interests.


Here you will find a collection of unity candles which have been personalized for the bride and groom.


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Paintings for all occasions can be found here. Browse the gallery to see if anything inspires you. The possibilities are limitless.